Thursday, November 27, 2008

We're here

We arrived at 12:45 this afternoon and this time trying to get across the boarder was a little harder. The officer wanted to know why we didn't want to drive down in our own cars. We got grilled for about 5 minutes and then he let us go. We drove out to Olive Garden for lunch only to see that we were in for a big surprise as everything and I mean everything is closed. lol Rose and I had a huge laugh over this and decided to go and just check if there were any big box stores open. Sure enough right to our left hand side there was a Kmart. We shopping for 3 hours. As we were driving in to check into our hotel we drove past the Best Buy and noticed that there was already a line up for the am sale. These people are serious about their shopping and getting some awesome deals. Reminds me of the time Steve and I waiting in a line up at Krispy Kreme for 3 hours just to get doughnuts.

We are heading out to see a movie tonight and are looking forward to tomorrow early morning shopping. JC Penny opens at 4am. Woot! Woot! I'll take a picture and post everything we have purchased later.

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