Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Today I gave all of you over at a blog challenge. The challenge is to write about your holiday traditions.

Growing up I always remember my sister and I being the ones to decorate the house for the holidays. My mother really was not into all the decorating and repairing as we were. Every year I can see it as if it was happening right now my sister and I would go over to White Rose and purchase some new items to add to our tree. We would come home and decorate the tree or trees as we needed another one once we both got other and wanted our own styles. We would then decorate our trees and sing christmas songs. My brother would be there just sitting and watching his two crazy sisters singing and decorating this tree. We always had fun and I am thankful that I can still look back and remember every Christmas to be a happy one.

Now years later when we have now married. We have created our own holiday traditions. I wanted for my children to always have special Christmas thoughts. I now have my own family with our own Christmas traditions. Every year we make sure to attend our Santa Parade here in Maple, ON. We then follow that with putting up our tree on December 1st together and talking about our ornaments. I think my favorite time is remembering where I have gotten all my special ones. These by far mean the most to me. Lastly I start my baking about 2 weeks before Christmas. This is the only time of the year where I will actually allow myself to eat the cookies. Steve and the kids love all the cookies and enjoy the moments where they steal a few from the cookie tin.

On Christmas Eve we go and visit both sets of grandparents and hand out all our special gifts. We then come home open the gift that is always left while we were out by baby Jesus (new PJ's), set up the cookies and milk for Santa. Then go to sleep. In the morning the kids are always filled with joy and excited to get downstaris. We head down and open all their gifts. Some years we even have the luck of having our family come over and watch the boys open just their gifts.

I know every year that as the kids get older they will more likely not want to part take in my holiday traditions but I am hoping that they will remember all the wonderful times we shared around our tree and during the holidays.

It all seams like so much work but without work and family we will not have those special moments in life that we can carry with us.

Here is a picture of our family tree.

I have many special ornaments but this year I am chosening two that really mean a lot to me. This ornament was given to us by a really special friend and to me it has so much meaning. It is the only ornament on my tree that has my whole families names. Me, my husband and my boys.

This one below was given to me also by another special friend. Everytime I see this ornament it reminds me of my brother who is deaf. He is so special to me and having this ornament on my tree always reminds me that he is always with me even when he is at his own home.

Wishing you wonderful memories in creating your own Holiday Traditions!

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virtualredhead said...

Advent calendars are one of my favorite holiday traditions (well, that and eggnog).

In addition to my Trader Joe's chocolate one, I'm doing my own Web 2.0 advent calendar here.