Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm blessed

My birthday in one word was just awesome. I started the day with both boys listen to me instead of running around the house for me to dress them. I got a birthday call all the way from Italy from my friend Lisa. I was so happy I think I was speechless. Which has happened twice in the last two days. I was thrilled to here that they are having a good time and that they will be going to Venice on Saturday. Then Martha called right after to wish me a happy day. I thanked her for her thoughtful gift of a gift card for Michael's and a Desperate House Wives game.

Off I went to go drop off the boys at school and daycare. Now was the time to head over to the mall to meet Rose. We had a wonderful time and didn't do nearly as much damage as I thought we would do. I purchased the baby Jesus PJ's (Tradition that I started when Tristan was a baby. Baby Jesus leaves a gift on the 24th of new PJ's for Christmas morning) and some other items I found on sale. Then Rose tells me that Edna is joining us for lunch. I was just instantly happy because I haven't been able to spend too much time with my dear friend Edna. She has been very busy with work. I was so happy to be on my birthday having lunch with two of my dearest friends. We talked, we laughed and we just had an awesome time. Before we knew it the time had passed and it was time to pick up the kids. But before we did that I opened my gifts from Rose and Edna. Rose made me a beautiful little album and in it was a spa gift card, a Starbucks gift card and some nice apple cider packets. Edna bought me a wonderful black purse. I love the size and of course we all know it will be around my arm before we know it. I am really not great with purses. I break them and next thing you know I am out shopping for another one. Thank you ladies for lunch and all my special goodies. Love everything.

Picked up the boys and headed home. They took me out for Chinese on Wednesday night so I really wanted to just hang at home. I cooked a new dish and we loved it. The boys sang me happy birthday with a caramel cheesecake and a tea light candle on top. It was too sweet and I loved spending time with them.

I received so many calls and posts on facebook. It was wonderful to hear from my sister, parents, in-laws, Amy, Antonella, Lisa, Martha, Teresa. You all put a wonderful smile on my face. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family and great friends. I loved all the special time I got to spend with everyone and am thankful for another wonderful year.

Woke up this morning and they were calling for a snowstorm. It was 6am when Ethan got me up so I thought it looks clear. I'm heading to Walmart to go some shopping and also pick up my memory card. Well, got everyone ready and out the door by 9 am to find that it was already snowing. Got to Walmart and took 3 hours to do the shopping. With two boys in tow 3 hours it a good thing. Got my 8 GB memory card and straight home we came. It was so bad out there it was unreal. I was o.k. because of the snow tires but certainly did take my time with my precious two little men.
As soon as we arrived home I started snapping pictures of the boys with the new camera. I also got a picture of myself with it. Here they are:
Ethan reading in his room.

The only picture of Ethan smiling and of course he has a runny nose. I don't know how I did it but his head looks huge in this picture. lol

Tristan looking out the window at the snow storm.

Me and my new camera.

I heated up yesterday's dinner we ate and we are staying home for the weekend. I am so happy to be just chilling this weekend. My sister and Jay are coming for a birthday visit. Other than that I will be doing some scrapbooking and just relaxing. Maybe I will start my next book.

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