Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cupcake Camp Review

I should have guessed that a get together of this kind would bring tons of people to a very small spot. Rose and I got to the location in plenty of time so we grabbed a pizza slice at a little pizza shop on Queen Street. We headed back to the Studio and sure enough there were quite a few people in there. A few minutes passed and it was packed. There were about 200 people into a maybe 400 square foot room. I really was not impressed with the organization of the event. We got there and no one knew what was going on. Then once someone finally came out she did not explain what was going to be happening until someone screamed out asking her to explain. She finally explained and said that the baker would come out with their cupcake creation, talk a little about it and then they would get placed on two (yes, I did say two 2x4) tables and then everyone can grab one. Needless to say that there were too many people to even get close to a table with only two of them in the whole location. I was so disappointed as so many people did not get anything. There were some that asked for their money back but it did not seam like the event coordinators were willing to turn people out or give refunds. Rose and I managed to get 1 cupcake each and shared it. Unlike others who were diving for the tray and took one cupcake each. I am thinking that in the future they should really take Rose's advise and as people walk into the door and pay their $5 fee then they would receive a plate with 10 samples. As you finish your samples you can get more if there were some left. If not then you would be happy just getting the ten little samples. I also believe they should have taken pictures of all entries, uploaded them to their website and then cut the cupcakes down so that everyone can sample.

Rose and I ended up leaving early like many others. We headed to Yonge Street to The Cupcake Shoppe. We spent $25.00 per dozen cupcakes but at least we didn't have to go thou all the bs. We should have done this from the get go. Oh well, like I had mentioned in my previous post I kinda had a feeling that this was not going to go as I thought it would have. I've attached some pictures.

Half the room.

List of cupcakes to be presented.
Around one table.

The only two Rose and I got to taste. The lime one on the left was awesome!

I had to take a picture of someone else's camera just to take a look at these cupcake cups. They were gone in half a second. The cup is editable.
Caffe Latte Cupcake Baked by: Christine Truong
This was in someone else's hand. I asked to get a picture.
Chocolate Dip with Red Bow Baked by: Mona Mousa from
This one was in someone else's plate. I thought it was super cute because she made the flower out of almonds.
Almond Flower Cupcake (carrot cake with cream cheese and lemon icing)
Baked by: Mona Mousa from

Here's a great picture of Rose.

The Cupcake Shoppe. I purchased six of their cute cupcakes. Vanilla Raspberry, Vanilla Maple, Sticky Toffee, Vanilla Vanilla. Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Raspberry. Rose ended up picking up 12.

Their window display.

After experiencing the CupcakeCamp Toronto I am glad to say I will not be attending next year unless a lot changes.
Always remember to cherish the experiences you have even the ones that don't measure up to what you expected. I am just happy that Rose and I were able to get out and have some laughs and have a great afternoon together.
Stay tuned for the reveal of the February 2Gals kit projects. I have been working hard and am finished all my designs. Those will be posted on February 1st.
Have an awesome Monday!


Mellisa said...

Mmmmmmmm - you are totally making me hungry now. LOL Too bad it wasnt the greatest experience for you but I am sure you and your friend still had fun anyways.

HUGS to you

A Baked Creation said...

Hahaha, I had to take photos of cupcakes from other people's plates and hands too. It was pretty crazy to pay $5 for... a bite of a cupcake. They poorly misjudged the numbers of people attending!

[cup]cakes said...

I'm Glad you came out to the cupcake camp, It was alot of fun baking for all the cupcake hungry torontonians.

I saw the pictures of my creations on your blog and was flattered you liked them

my almond flower cupcake was a carrot cake with cheese and lemon icing [my personal favorite] , and the chocolate dip with a red bow, both can be found on my website, you can check out my work at

Glad to have read your blog!
hope to speak soon

Michelle said...

Hi...I totally agree with you about the organization of the event. We waited around for about 2 hours, trying to strategically place ourselves near the tables. We weren't able to grab a single cupcake...we left and ended up having cake at Second Cup.

I never thought of "paying $5 and get samples", which is a good idea...I was also thinking that maybe if they had 20 people bring out trays and stand at various places around the room maybe we would've all gotten a taste.

Camp Stoves said...

Looking too cool and testy.