Friday, January 23, 2009


Today as my sister is getting ready to say good bye to her father in law. I am remembering some of the older people in my life that have now passed. My maternal grandfather who just wanted to be happy and eat a little something good. He was always the one who keep me safe and made sure I was happy.

My paternal grandparents died when I was young. I only got the chance to see them when I was 3. I really would have loved to meet them as my father looks a lot like my father and everyone tells me that I look like my grandmother.

The other day I was talking to my good friend Luisa and we were remembering the good old times. When we talk about the old days I can not help but to remember a very special lady in my life. That was Luisa's grandmother. Or like I always called her "avo". Avo is grandmother in Portuguese. She use to always accept me into her home and always had lunch prepared and ready for us to eat. She loved talking to us and being a true grandmother. I never got that feeling from my maternal grandmother. In my heart Luisa grandmother is my avo. I love her and miss her to this day.

Today while preparing lunch I decided to make something avo use to make for us. It is a Portuguese dish. It's tuna with potatoes, chick peas and is drizzled in olive oil and vinegar. Whenever I make this dish I always remember my special avo. My you rest in peace.

Avo's tuna.

As most of my friend know whenever you come over I love to make special coffee drinks for us. Today since I am missing my sister and thinking about her often I wanted to just have something special. I made myself a London Fog.

My special London Fog.

I love making beautiful designs on my drinks.

They are hearts ready for Valentine's.

We are heading to Hamilton tonight for the wake and then tomorrow morning will be the funeral. My thoughts and prayers are with my sister, brother in-law and their families right now.

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