Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pajama Crop Highlights

As promised from a few posts back here is the blog candy I received from Ally. I love everything and can not wait to use all of it. Thanks Ally!

Look at my yummies!!!!
I am alive and able to tell my story once more. Getting up at 5 am and still holding strong at 11 pm. It was another wonderful crop. I enjoyed talking and laughing with each and everyone of you. You gals rock!
There are so many pictures (some with too many stories, lol) to post here on my blog so I decided to create a Pajama Crop album on facebook for whoever wants to have a look. You can even upload your pictures to my facebook group named DBV- Ontario Scrapbooking Adventures. If you can't find it just send me a message.
Just some thank yous.
Rose you will always be my right hand woman. Thank you so much for coming in at 6am, picking up coffee, lunch and dinner for us all.
Lisa for taking on way too many cards. lol Also for helping load up my car at the end of the night.
Alexis for lugging that microwave up the stairs (just so we can have popcorn) even when you were right and I was wrong you still went along with me, helping clean and picking up dinner with Rose (I still do not want to know what happened during that drive). lol
Cheryl from TLC Creations ( for donating all those beautiful pieces. I really love everything you brought. I will contact you in regards to making me my bra accessories for Crop for the Cure 2009.
Julie, thanks for bringing out your store and your smile even when you were not feeling so hot. I know your cardstock order did not arrive in time but am sure that you will have it for the next crop.
Everyone for attending and making my day along with everyone else's just awesome. I can't wait until June. Only about 10 spots left. If you want in you know where to contact me as some might have forgetten. I have the same e-mail, phone and cell numbers. If you want me you know where to find me ;)
As for the donation to The Kidney Foundation I ended up writing a cheque for $160.00. One hundred of that money came from the kits sales (Thanks to all who purchased), a small amount came from a private donation (thanks Mr. Robert from Ecole La Fountain) and the rest came out of my pocket. I really wanted to do something nice and I think a small but thoughtful gesture was a perfect way to remember us all getting together and also support one awesome Foundation that helped my brother Moses and so many others. Just a small way that I could along with my girls help to say thanks.
Here are some pics to share. Enjoy!
Centerpiece for this Pajama/Valentine's theme crop.

View right right to left of room.
View from left to right of room.
Talking about some of the layouts.
Ladies shopping at the on-site store.

Julie from Sassy Scrapping (

The Crew minus a few. We tried getting everyone.

I could not believe when I put out the card swap that everyone would take part and create one of the most beautiful swaps I have hostessed. I love every single one of the cards and I know everyone was impressed with their cards and everyone else's as well.
Thank you to all who created. You should pat yourselves on the back. You have done a wonderful job!

Group #2 Cards

Elite Bi-Monthly Swappers February 2009 Cards

I know as if I did not have enough to do I still had a baptism that I had to do centerpieces for. This little baby Sabrina is the sweetest little one. Every time I talked while our first meeting she was paying total attention. At 4 months old this little lady is going to be one good listener. I could be wrong but just her sweet little face made me smile. Here are the centerpieces I created for her special day. Happy Baptism Day Sabrina! May God bless you today, tomorrow and always.

Guest Table Centerpieces.

Head Table Centerpieces.

Have an awesome night!!!!

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Glad they arrived safe and sound Veronica! Enjoy!

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