Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Up at the crack of dawn

After becoming a mom I can now say that you really do not get much sleep. Or at least with my two peanuts I don't. I went to bed late because I was feeling really creative last night and decided to clean up my scrap area. After cleaning it up I got the urge to start making a card that a friend of mine ordered. She just wanted something for her sister in-law since she is having twins.

I also know the lady having the twins since she is a long time girlfriend of mine. I am truly excited for her and her partner and could not stop making cards. I even made one for my long time dear friend Reshita. She is also expecting her first. I am smart and would never post her card on here because I know she comes over to look at pictures of my little boys.

They've had me up since 5:30 AM and it's going to be a long day I could feel it already. Hip Hop class tonight. How do I feel that this is going to be a very hard day.
The card I made for Julie to give to her sister in-law. The inside of the card.
The card I created for my sister and I to give Suzy for her shower.
I better get going as the boys are already driving me nuts hanging off the bed. I can only imagine what they will be putting me thou today......HELP!!!


Mellisa said...

Great card. She is going to love it!

Barbara said...

What sweet cards.
I was pretty lucky with my boys. They usually had a good sleep routine and I could get in at least 7 hours each night.