Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last night seven of my grade 8 class decided to get together for the 2nd time. Almost exactly a year ago a few of us got together and this time we lost a few but gained my friend Luisa. We had a blast. OMG!! We laughed so much sometimes it hurt. Let's just say Billy Rego missed an awesome time. lol He was certainly the biggest topic around. Well, we all know why Luisa was his biggest fan. It's funny after all these years we still sat there and enjoyed talking with one another. Pictured below is (Left to Right) Daniel, Christian, Diane, Brian, Luisa, Myself and Orlena. This is a group of some awesome people. We are looking to do this as a yearly event. One day (hopefully it will not take another 20 years) we can get the whole class together minus the ones that have passed of course but they will be watching us.

Thanks to Diane for letting us know about her aunt's restaurant. It was an awesome little place. Brian for the starters, soup and salad. Everyone else for an awesome time. You are a great bunch! Our teachers would be proud.

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