Monday, March 16, 2009


Today has been a hard day. It's like the children know that it's spring break and they are just bouncing off the walls. I sometimes wish I could go to work and have my husband stay home on this week because it would be more of a break. When do us mom's get our spring break???? A week off with nothing to do sounds like my kind of holiday. lol

Even when we are having hard days these are the ones that most remind me of my dear friend who lost her little girl just a week before delivering her. I was also pregnant at this time with my youngest son Ethan. This June will be 3 years of little Emily's passing. I will never forget that day when my dear friend was going to come and visit me in the hospital (I had a cortisone shot put into my spinal cord) during one of my visits while pregnant. I noticed she wasn't there by the time visiting hours were over and things were just weird for me that day. I must have known sometime was wrong or maybe it was the drugs they had me on. The moment my friends sister came in to tell me what happened there was a black hole inside me for I was just broken for my dear friend and her little angel. I wrote this in the hospital within an hour of finding out. I wanted to share with you all for the days when we think we just can't go on.


I have an angel in my womb,
One that no longer flutters within,
She is now fluttering with her beautiful wings in heaven,
Looking down at me.

Written by Veronica Reis in loving memory of Emily Victoria

May this remind us all that even when days are growing harder rather than longer that we have so much to be thankful for with our children running around us each and every day.


Mellisa said...

HUGE hugs to your friend. I am sorry that she has had to experience this. There are no words or sentiments for something like this. It is just awful.

just another stay at home mom said...

Thanks for the reminder.