Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday!!!!

I can not believe this week has passed. It feels like these weeks are passing way too fast. This also means the weather will change to the better and the boys will keep on growing. Sometimes I miss the days were there were small and not running around causing everything and anything but good. lol

The sun is shinning and it looks like it's a warm day. It should be about 2 degrees. I am looking forward to taking the boys out grocery shopping. I have a few things to pick up as Steve and I are hosting a dinner for Lisa and Kris for their engagement. I am cooking a stuffed chicken breast with my famous sweet potatoes and salad. We will start with Portuguese goat cheese tray then our appetizers will be something I come up with on the fly because I still have yet to think about it. Dessert I ordered cupcakes from Cakes by Sonia. I know Lisa likes them and I am adding some sweet engagement rings that I went out to purchase at Michael's yesterday. The theme will be engagement ring. I am looking forward to a fun night. Off to go and get started. If I remember to get pictures of the table setting I will do so and post them.

***************WORD JUST IN********************************

This is a news bulletin Tristan has his first loose tooth. I guess the tooth fairy needs to start working a side job because this boy seams to think she is leaving a truck load of money. lol

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