Saturday, April 25, 2009

13 Hours to go

I can not believe we will be on the road in about 13 hours. I haven't even packed my clothes that I am going to bring with me. I finished all my flower orders and have created a little album for my sister to be given to her when we get there. I had to re-order something else for our arrival because the gift package that I had ordered is sold out. I ended up getting her the smallest package since that is the only thing they had in stock and also paired that up with her very favorite ......chocolates of course. They have these new chocolates that come in from a custom shop in Port Hope. At their price I sure hope they are great and not just good. I have made sure that the gift will be waiting on her bed when we arrive. I haven't mentioned a thing about contacting the spa myself so she doesn't have a clue.

I wanted to share with you the mini 8x8 page protector album I put together. I wanted something that we can add to and also something that we can later put into an actual album. Maybe that is when we go away to a week spa vacation. Here it is.

Front Cover
Pages 2 & 3

Last Page
I hope she likes it. I spend the other night just surfing the net for the poems.
I do have my camera ready for pictures. I just watched this awesome video and can't wait to see the grounds in real life.
If you want to have a look check this out.
Bye for the next couple of days. Off to go and relax. I bet I will have a ton to talk about when I return on Monday night.

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