Sunday, April 26, 2009

From Port Hope (Ste. Anne's Spa)

What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy. We arrived and started by getting our robes on (my most favorite thing about spas) and then headed straight to our first treatment. I had a wonderful massage. It was just out of this world. We have done everything from high tea, mediation, hot tub, world pool and dinner. We are now relaxing in our room and I thought I would give you all a good laugh. When we arrived to our room after a wonderful dinner I decided that I would jump into the in room jacuzzi and I really did not want to wait for the water to fill the deep tub so I started the jets and sure enough water is shooting out of the tub at the wall, toilet paper and the whole bathroom is soaked. Let me tell you my sister and I were laughing so hard it was hard to stop it. Of course she got pictures but since we are on her laptop I will upload them when I arrive home tomorrow night.

Having a blast and hoping you are too.

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just another stay at home mom said...

I know you are probably home now...hoping you had a great time with Lucy....wish your big guy a Happy Birthday from Katie and us...take care...hope we get together at some point this summer....