Sunday, April 19, 2009

Embellish candy giveaway

I know being tired last night but I realized that I have only a couple of weekends left before Tristan's movie birthday so I went down into
I am in love with these decorated bottles. It all started with a bottled embellie swap and here I went to town decorating 2 extra's. I am planning on giving them to Rose and Alexis as a little roomie gift when we are at Croptopia. Alexis I know is making something special for us so I wanted to do the same. How cute are these???

Here are the tags for the loot bags. I still do not know what I will be doing for loot bags but thought I should get the tags ready. I have a few ideas and would love your help.


I will be sending out a embellished bottle like the one up above in your choice of colours. Includes: buttons, blossoms and assorted ribbons.

All you have to do is reply to this thread, pick one of my ideas for the loot bags or provide one of your own. Here's a little background to help you out. We are taking the children to the theatre to watch Monsters vs Aliens. We are doing one of the theatre's popcorn party packages. There are 10 boys and 1 girl.
my scrappin' basement to create loot bag tags and finish my bottled embellie swap.

#1 - $5.00 Gift Certificate to Toys R Us inside a popcorn plastic bucket.
#2 - Disney store tee shirt in a popular character.
#3 - Mixed candy (which I hate giving) and fun little toys.

You have exactly until Wednesday April 22nd, 2009 Midnight EST to choose one of mine or give me your own ideas. Please remember to include your name, e-mail address so I can contact you.
Just a few pictured.

Close up.
As I was uploading pictures for this blog entry I heard the boys in the bathroom with daddy. Daddy was shaving and they asked if they could shave too so poor Steve had to get all their gear out. So I thought here is a perfect moment to get some pictures of the three of them. So here they are.

My boys shaving together.
I'll come back later and post up the engagement flowers for my client and also some pictures of the Jason's communion we are attending this afternoon.
Have an awesome day!


Jemma said...

Just HOW cute are you boys!!!!

I like the idea of a t-shirt or how about going to the dollar store and picking up 5 little toys to put into the bucket, you get slinkies and Grow a Prince cups - you add water and the frog turns into a prince and grows, juggling balls and that type of thing????

i sometimes do auditor of the week during my audits and get these prizes for my teams and they love them (but they are all 21-26)

Kataroo said...

I love the pics of the boys shaving, bet you can't wait to scrapbook those pages!!! I love the GC idea in a popcorn bucket :)

MarthaW said...

Hi Veronica!
I can remember our boys at that age, and for one birthday we bought each child a bug catching net and little bug-hut at the dollar store. (Little clear plastic "bug house" with a handle and air holes) I filled the bug house will little candies that they'd enjoy and it was a real hit! I think I may have even put some glow in the dark bugs in with the candies too.
( I love your ideas too...except maybe for the gift certificate may have the parents cursing you! LOL)
Good luck :)
MarthaW from SS :)

Charlene said...

Hi Veronica, love your tags and those pics of your DH and DS are so cute. Nice that you were able to get a pic and cherish those memories forever.

Now for the loot bag. I have to agree with Martha's suggestion of the net and bug house. I bought one also for my DGD and she loved it.

2GalsKellie said...

I love the gc/popcorn bucket idea Veronica!

Fleursbydesign said...

Here are some other ideas I had a movie party for my son's a couple of times. Last year we gave a movie night out coupon (I got them at costco) and a bag of microwave popcorn and a cand bar. This year we went to Monsters V Aliens and I found Hubba Bubba gum with the monsters on it (7-11) and found some other monster type candy. At 10 they are all about the candy not the toys anymore.

Chelle said...

When my son had a movie birthday I purchased dollar store popcorn holders (plastic that looked like old fashioned popcorn bags). I then put a bag of popcorn in each, small bag of licorce and something else (can't remember what). I don't know what the package at the theatre includes though so don't know if that helps. What about some fruit snacks.

Claudia and Luke said...

Hey Veronica.....I love the ideas with the t-shirts....and everyone in a different fun is that.......I miss those days now that my kids are older.......have fun and make great memories for your kids....cause they will remember!!

Victoria L. said...

Cute pics of the boys, and great tags and bottles!

I like the Tshirt idea if that's in your budget. Moms will like that, and it's something that will actually get used, not forgotton or tossed. I hate thinking my $ is being thrown away on loot bags.

Plus, you can get a cute photo op with all of them wearing their matching Tees ;)

Scrappy Angel from SQ said...

Love those bottles. And the pics of the boys shaving together is just too adorable!!! I really like the suggestion of the bug catching containers. My kids absolutely love these. They're great for when you go on walks. My kids actually put much more than bugs in them - rocks, leaves, twigs, etc. Have fun!