Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

Who would have thought that 12 years ago this wonderful father of mine was in a very serious work accident. I am truly blessed that God knew this man could not leave his family. We needed him then and still need him now. Yes, I am a daddy's girl still to this day. Who could resist a man that lives life for his children. He has never said no to us even when my sister and I requested some of the craziest things and has always been there to help us with anything we need.

We celebrated his 63rd birthday today with a lunch at my sister's house. My father could not have been happier celebrating with his grandchildren. We had to make it short as Tristan had dance class this afternoon. I am thankful that God has given my father life to live with his wife, children and grandchildren. We love him and wish to celebrate many more years with him. We wish you a Happy 63rd Daddy!

The Birthday Boy.

My Parents.
My sister and my nephew dog Jack.
My beaitufl niece dog Maggie.
Just had to include the next picture as Ethan looks totally cute in his pj's and the look on his face makes me happy.
Ethan jumping on my bed sporting his new pajamas that was given to him by Dinha (my sister) for Easter.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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