Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Weekend Review and Surprise Party Pictures

It feels like a whole month has passed since my last update on Friday.

On Saturday I has so much running around to do plus all my orders to complete. I ended up inviting over my good friend Alexis to do some scrapbooking. I needed to still complete my mother's actual birthday card, sign in layout and the centerpieces for the event the next day. So Alexis came over and we stayed up until 2:30 am. I had a wonderful time and we got so much done.

Here's a picture of the card I made my mother for her real surprise birthday.


On Sunday morning got up at 6:00 am and my sister and I headed out to the hall and sure enough Mr. Peter was not ready for us. I headed down to pick up the cake for my sister while she went home to get ready for her part in this whole surprise to get my mother all dolled up without her knowing what was really happening.

Headed back out to the hall and was very pleased with the way everything looked. My mother was truly super surprised and finally we no longer have to make up so many lies. I really hated telling her so many of them but without lying we would not be able to pull this off.

Here are some pictures to share with you of my mother's surprise.

Walking in.

The centerpieces I created for this event. The birds nests are in honor of my father who is a bird breeder. The butterflies are to honor my mother and her family nickname and her love of them.

The place cards. I wanted to come up with something totally different and I am happy with the way it turned out.
Here is her beautiful birthday cake from Irresistible Cakes. My sister's choice of course. The 6 is lemon and the 0 is chocolate raspberry. Very yummy!

My parents. Loved the way my mother's hair was done.

My parents with their baby boy Moses. My brother looks so grown up here.

My family. My wonderful husband and my two beautiful mohawked boys. lol

I had a wonderful time at the event. My mother has been thou so much in her life this little thing is really not a lot that I could have done. My father really did do a wonderful job of having us organize. I could only imagine the way it would have looked if he where the one making all the decisions. See dad sometimes Lucy and I have a point when we tell you to just pay the bill and we will take care of the rest. I think my sister and I did a good job planning. We got a lot of great feedback from everyone who attended.
It was a day I will remember for a long time. The look on my mother's face was just priceless. The emotions I felt watching my sister's beautifully put together presentation brought both tears of sadness and tears of joy to my eyes. Seeing my father before the accident was very hard for me to see. I haven't opened that chapter in my life in so many years. I guess I would have to face it at some point in my life. The happy tears were seeing my mother with me as a baby, seeing her so young.
I am going to be working on an album for mother's day to give my mom. It will be just of her surprise party.
Monday I was sick as a dog. I could not even get out of bed. I think it was a mixture of being over tired and also doing way too much in a little time span.
Tuesday Steve and I dropped off the kids and then headed to Starbucks for a treat and coffee. We then went shopping, cleaned out our walk-in closet, 2 upstairs bathrooms. I could not believe how much garbage I had to throw out. I also donated 2 boxes of goods. Feels great to clean.
Today was yet another cleaning day. I spent 7 hours sorting out the kids clothes. I came out knowing I spend way too much on clothes they never get to wear. I guess I will have to get better at not buying every single piece of clothing in each of the stores. Maybe I will learn one day that less is certainly more.
I am having a wonderful time with my husband home on vacation. I just feel bad that the weather is not being the greatest for him. It snowed on Monday, cold on Tuesday and today. Maybe tomorrow it will start to look up. We have so much more to clean but are taking it one day at a time. Tomorrow it will be tackle the bookshelf, garage and our bedroom.
Wishing you a good day tomorrow! May your day be filled with more fun things then mine will. lol

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Barbara said...

It looks like a wonderful birthday party. Your mom looks so happy.
I love that picture of you and your guys. I think that one needs a frame!