Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Before heading out for the day I just wanted to come on over and wish you all a wonderful Easter!

The Easter bunny was here early this morning. The Easter Bunny worked very hard last night to hide all the eggs and prepare for the boys getting up in the morning. Ethan got up first and said that he had an egg in his room. He then went to his brother's room and opened his egg took the chocolate and replaced the egg in the same spot the Easter bunny left it. lol He is too funny. I really love this age as he knows exactly what he is doing but you can't get mad at them because they are exploring.

We waited until Tristan got up and he came into our room saying the Easter bunny had been there but the egg was open because there was no longer any chocolate inside. He came in to explain that the Easter bunny left an egg with nothing in it. It was too funny....he is a sweetie.
Steve told him that he thought the Easter bunny had come into our room because he felt some fur on his mouth during the night. lol I think daddy thinks the Easter bunny is a girl.

Went downstairs and the boys had their package each sitting on the sofa and eggs where everywhere. They had so much fun finding them. I enjoyed watching my little Ethan finally being able to find his own eggs. The things we get excited about.

We are heading to my mother in-laws for lunch this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing them as we spent time with my parents yesterday.

I'll come back and share pictures with you all sometime tonight or in the morning.

Happy Easter!

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