Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Pictures

I so wanted to come and post our Easter pictures yesterday night but of course after the long day I was super tired. I am thinking I need to start taking more of my B12 because I am really feelings tired. I will try and remember every single morning and see if that makes a change.

I really enjoyed Easter this year as we got to spend time with both of our families and still made the time for our own family. We enjoyed our morning at home yesterday with a special Easter breakfast Daddy made for the boys. I took this picture as it was too cute to pass up.

Then I gave my boys my special treat of vanilla sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. I loved making these and am truly happy with the way they turned out. This was my first royal icing flood so I did not know what to expect.

Here's Ethan with his treats from the Easter bunny.

Here's Tristan with his treats from the Easter bunny.

We could not leave out my third son Eeyore hanging out with all the treats.

I purchased a cookie kit from Michael's with food colouring ink pens for the boys to decorate. They had tons of fun with these pens. I would have loved if they were reusable but after the boys had their turn with them I do not have any hope of using them again.


We enjoyed our morning and then headed to Steve's parents for lunch. My mother in-law made an awesome roast beef lunch with all the fixings. It was super yummy. Plus being Easter and all she had crab for me. Nancy and I enjoyed talking over our seafood. I feel bad for my mother in-law as she gets stuck cooking everything on her own but know that she loves doing it.
The only hard part of the day is Tristan with his DS. He is taking a huge liking to that thing and I am thinking it was the worst thing that could have ever come into this house. He wants to play it 24/7 and we have rules for these things. He is able to play it but only at certain times. He also have to work at getting his DS time. He cried for 3.5 hours straight when we told him that we were at his grandparents and he is not to play the DS. I thought Steve was going to lose it but he kept his cool and just tuned him out. I know it is super hard when he is screaming in your ear that he wants to play his DS. We have decided that he loses it for some time. If he can not behave it will be gone for good. Other than that huge episode he was good. We then headed over to my parents and had a nice short visit with them.
We arrived home and just relaxed a little. Got to watch the last cake standing a new show by Food Network. I love it and can't seam to stop watching. There are some really creative designers on that show and I wish them all the best of luck.
Better get going as I have to finish dinner for tonight. Thought I should make it an easy night since my poor hubby returned to work after his vacation week. I loved having him home and do miss him as I think if he were home be would tackle another room in this house together. Spring cleaning is still on the way here but we are working it a little at a time.
Happy Monday!


just another stay at home mom said...

honey you don't need just need to slow down a bit!!!

Veronica said...

@just another stay at home mom - Camille I totally know what you mean. Meeting with another customer in about 1 hour and still trying to catch up on my daily e-mails. Maybe I will be able to retire early like when I am 40. Knowing me that will never happen.

Barbara said...

Love those very sweet pics of your boys. They look so happy.

Jemma said...

looks like the boys had a great time painting their cookies!! love the little chicks they are so cute!!