Monday, April 27, 2009

Ste. Anne's Spa Review (long)

Giving this spa a 10 just wouldn't so it justice. I am giving it a 100% on everything. I loved every moment spent on this beautiful 500 acre land. From the moment I stepped foot in the reception area to the moment I left I felt welcomed and was treated with the best customer service anyone could ask for. I got my Swedish message by JennR and she was quite and very sweet. She introduced herself and explained to be even before we started what she would be doing and what I feel comfortable with. I felt my body relax and even came in with a huge pain in my right side from lifting something I shouldn't have and after she paid extra attention to that spot she gave me some great tips on ways to make the pain go away. As of today I can report I do not feel the pain all day just when I lay down in my bed for too long. I can actually turn without screaming in pain. Thank you JennR. Great message!

We then got the keys to our room and were taken to our room. Can't remember her name but she was awesome at explaining everything to us about our room. If I could explain to you the extra care every staff member takes to make sure that you feel like you are relaxed and feeling like you are in the comfort of your own home. Our room was a stunning suite with walk in closet, office space, 1 king bed and 1 double bed, one bathroom with jacuzzi bath tub included (I am sure you all remember my story from the entry below), a seating area for reading right by the window and a beautiful fireplace. The room couldn't have been any more perfect. The bed was comfortable so much so that I slept the night away and then got up at 4 am thinking I had slept the whole night. Noticed it was much too early and went back to bed again until 7:30 am. I could not believe I slept for 10 hours straight. I really needed that.

After placing everything in it's place and having a cheese tray and a few chocolate covered strawberries ( my sister arrival surprise for me) and was delighted to see that they did not forget my sister's surprise from me sitting on the table waiting for her. At this time I also pulled out the mini album I had made a couple of days before. She loved it all and had a huge smile on her face. It was super to see she loved it because I put a lot of love into it. I wanted something she would look at and remember our time out at Ste. Anne's together. We then headed down to the north dining room for high tea. We had no idea that with high tea they also serve a beautiful mini buffet which included the best olive spread I have ever tasted, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, veggie tray, biscuits, fruit, lemon squares, brownies, cheese tray with assorted cheeses and a wonderful (I call it) bird seed dessert squares. I loved everything I tried. Right there my sister and I knew we were in for some good dinning in the evening.

Now over to the fitness pavilion which is an octagon room that is surrounded by windows and just a stunning view of the back gardens. This was my first time meditating ever and to tell you the truth now that I have tried it, it certainly will not be the last time. I loved the fact that the girl that ran this class was so relaxing just listening to her put a smile on my face. We layed down the whole class and some even fell asleep. I am glad I tried something new and realized that there is something else to put on my list of things I would like to do more of. My sister made sure to pick us both up a eye pillow which contains flax seeds, lavender, peppermint, chamomile and rose geranium essential oils. We can use it warm or cold. I used it last night when I arrived home just before going to bed. It was super relaxing.

We decided to go and hand out in the back lap pool that was a perfect temp of 85 degrees. I could have stayed in there all night but we needed to head out to dinner at 7:15. Well remember when I told you that I was expecting an awesome meal well I sure got it. I started with the warm vegetable salad and my sister had the mixed salad. Both were awesome. For my main meal I picked the baked stuffed chicken breast stuffed with feta, spinach and pecans. For the side I picked the truffled cauliflower and mixed veggies. Now for the ultimate dessert I picked the creme burlee and I can tell you I've had my fair share of creme burlee but this by far is the best one I've ever tasted. I could have just ordered dessert over and over instead of any of the delis food. I am still dreaming about it.

All in all our first day there was just awesome. I could not imagine it would get any better. We headed to our room where the little mishap happened and I made sure everything was cleaned up and am still laughing my head off that I soaked all the toilet paper. I guess my sister is right my children take after me with causing so much trouble. Makes for some great reading later on in life. Headed to bed at 9:30. Wow that is super early but I was super tired.

Woke up finally at 7:30 am and headed down to the west dining room for our breakfast. On top of ordering your meal there was another mini buffet table which included fresh baked breads and pastries, made in house yogurt, assorted cheese tray, fresh fresh tray, granola, cereals, grains, fresh squeezed juices and yummy coffee. I thought I would be happy with all of that but they asked us to order a hot breakfast so I ordered the Anne's Choice - Eggs Hollandise and my sister had the herbed scrambled eggs. These were both just delishes. Now that we were super stuffed we headed to my very first yoga class. Again we had the same girl from the day before. I really liked this class and can now see myself going every so often. I enjoyed it when I thought there was no way that I would ever get myself into those moves but I did. There was only one move I couldn't do because I was not willing to try it because of my spot on my back that still to this day hurts. It will be six years in about 2 hours. I can not believe Tristan will be 6 in 2 hours time. He is a big boy now not my little baby anymore.

After the yoga I headed down to the caves (at least that is what I call them) under ground to the most incredible facial I have ever experienced. I had the botanical resurfacing facial with JessicaS. She was a sweetheart and I really enjoyed the way she took her time explaining everything from the moment she met me to the moment she finished. I could have stayed in that room forever. I enjoyed the facial more than the message. Next time I go I certainly want this facial again.

What can I say about lunch except that I really wish I did not have to leave this place. No screaming, no cooking, no cleaning this is certainly what I call super relaxing. We got seated this time in the east dinning room. A very cute little space with just the right amount of windows to view the beautiful out doors. As soon as we sat down our server asked who was Veronica and I said it was me and she passed me a beautifully wrapped gift bag and I was surprised and shocked that I was still receiving another gift after the best gift someone could having received. My sister got me a signed copy of the spa's cookbook and a tea tin with one of the sweetest smelling teas ever. I knew our 2 days was coming to an end and was sad to see it go so fast yet happy that I was able to experience it with my sister.

To my sister: Thank you for everything that you do for me. Only my love can repay you. May God bless you everyday of your life for the heart that you have is something that not many people have. I am blessed to have you in my life and just want you to know that I love you each and everyday.

I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took on this beautiful adventure in my life. I wish that one day I will be back to enjoy this yet again. If you read this review all the way to the end I thank you for your patience.

Heading to bed as tomorrow will be an exciting day for my birthday boy.

My sister in the main Massey living room.

Here I am feeling totally relaxed.

To the right the reception and to the left part of the main building.

Left part of main building.

Back view of main building.
Stairwell to our upstairs suite.
The view from the door. The wicker room.
Our beautiful King bed. There was another double bed in the cover of our room but it was un-used since poor Anna couldn't make it.
Our reading area.
Entrance to the main dining room.
Entrance to one of the on-site cottages.

Walkway to the patio.

Doorway to the front gardens.

Purple Hyacinth's.

Pink Hyacinth's.

All relaxed and ready to leave.


Barbara said...

It sounds like a wonderful place. I'm so glad you had a relaxing time.

just another stay at home mom said...

you are lucky to have such a great sister to celebrate weekend's at the spa .....I am so glad I met her thanks to you and now she is happy with our best buddy Jay! my only you actually walk around in the spa robe all day in the public areas????