Monday, May 04, 2009

Crazy Busy Weekend

How many parties can one little boy have for his 6th birthday? 3 to be

On Wednesday we took Tristan as a family to Chuckie Cheese. The boys had a wonderful time. The pizza was nothing to write home about but the most important thing was that we were together and they had fun.

Friday was our friends birthday party. This we did at Colossus Movie Theatre in Woodbridge. Tristan invited 10 of his friends and we were off to a night of Steve and I plus 10. Nine boys and one girl. We thought this would be a hard thing to do but instead found out that the kids were all well behaved for the most part and really enjoyed the movie Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. We got home and the boys were tired and so were we. Below you will find a picture of Tristan and his Mario cake from Cakes by Sonia. It was yummy!

Saturday was reserved for my cousin Vitor's wedding. We really enjoyed ourselves and instead of the usual 9 pm home time we ended up staying until 12:30 am. Maybe Steve needed to have a few shots every wedding we go to. Funny as the boy never drinks and when he does every single family member is shocked.

We thought we were going to sleep in as we got home very late but we were wrong yet again. The boys were up early and so were we. Headed out to pick up cupcakes, sandwiches and drinks for the family lunch. All our family attended and we enjoyed watching Tristan blow out his candles again for the 2nd time. :)

We then had to rap things up as we headed to Christian's birthday party in the afternoon.

Here's Tristan pictured with his cupcakes from Cakes by Sonia. She did an awesome job and he loved all his Mario cupcakes. He is already placing his order for next year. lol

I am so delighted that this weekend is finally over. I am tired and need to get some planting done this week. My father brought me some lilac trees so I am dying to get them into my backyard.

On another note I missed National Scrapbook Day for the first time in 6 years. It was also a very sad time for me as this was the weekend of the anniversary of Cherished Scrapbooks closing. Made me sad to think about it. I really miss working my Friday nights.

Happy Monday to you all!


Barbara said...

3 parties, wow! Good for you for having that kind of energy. He's a lucky boy!

Claudia and Luke said...

looking good