Monday, June 08, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

Just got back from dinner about 2 hours ago. I think out of all 8 anniversaries this is by far one of the best dinners and service we have gotten in a long time. We went to Canyon Creek for dinner. It started by Steve picking the restaurant and me going on-line to see what I could eat from their menu. I noticed they had a reserve your table on-line reservations. So off I went and reserved our table. There was a comment line and I wrote down that it was our anniversary and that we really do not get out much because of the kids. We got there and our hostess walked us all the way to the back of the restaurant and we thought wow this is a long way to come when there were other empty tables but noticed she gave us a super table by the fireplace. We waited for our waitress to come and sure enough she comes to our table with champagne and sparkles in them. She wished us a happy anniversary and that just set the mood right there. Her name was Danah and she was one of the greatest waitress' we've ever gotten. We ordered the goat cheese appetizer and also the sweet potato fries. Yes, I had a little of each and poor Steve was left to finish off the rest. We both had the stuffed chicken. It was to die for. As we where thinking about what to order for dessert Danha comes back to our table and brings us the largest brownie with ice cream compliments of the restaurant. I thought this was super nice of them to go ahead and do this as they had already given us our champagne. The manager stopped by our table to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. Everything was so perfect there was nothing that they did not take care of. I thought they went above and out of their way to make sure we had a wonderful experience which we totally did. I can not wait to go back and visit again. This time we will not wait a year for that to happen. I will be contacting head office tomorrow morning to let them know that this restaurant was awesome from the food to our serve to the manager. Thank you Canyon Creek! I totally recommend the Vaughan location for a special night out or just heading out for a really nice meal.

Tomorrow is our 8 year wedding anniversary and to tell you the honest truth it really doesn't feel that long. Maybe that is a good thing. :)


The Asian Pear said...

Happy belated Anniversary!

I love Canyon Creek. I think they're really good at customer service and the food is yummy too. They have a really nice roast beef sandwich that I always order if I'm there for lunch.

Barbara said...

happy anniversary! I hope you have many more happy years ahead of you.

Claudia and Luke said...

Happy Anniversery Veronica...I know its late

Clare said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! wow, 8 years eh?!!! it sure flies by doesn't it? Nice to hear a good review, so often you just hear the bad, but you my friend always spread the love and compliments. it's just your way and the world is a happier place because you're in it.