Monday, June 08, 2009

Life is beautiful

Friday was a day in my life I will never forget. Steve was off and Tristan went to school. Steve and I spent the day running around with Ethan. It was so nice to get a day with just Ethan and us. I use to spend tons of days like this with Tristan and was happy that we were able to do it with Ethan. He got spoiled and was delighted with all the attention. Picked Tristan up and headed home to cook dinner. After dinner we had a long walk in our own neighbourhood. There is a little forest (treed area, pond, walking path) just about 2 streets down from my house. It was a stunning walk all the way to Dufferin. Yes, we walked and Tristan skipped all the way there and back. I thought my legs were going to fall off coming uphill but after a little while they were fine. We walked, talked and laughed together. The boys were on their best behavior. We decided to head to the bakery for refreshments and a little something to eat. I had an awesome salad and the boys had a kinder egg and Steve a bun with butter. It was so nice to take just 2 hours for us as a family. Got home and headed downstairs to do all my flowers.

This week is going to be a busy one with our anniversary, school family BBQ, Rose's birthday, recital rehearsal, charity event, wedding, all day crop, 4 showers, school friend's birthday party, and last but not least recital. I have no idea how I am going to live thou this all but I guess I have to do what I have to do.

Tomorrow I have a morning appointment with Dr. Poon. I am excited to see how much I've lost in the last two weeks. As per my scale it shows 10 pounds gone but that could be wrong. We'll have to see. I have to get thou tonight where Steve and I will be going out to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. It is really on Tuesday but with the school BBQ we have to celebrate tonight. We are heading to Canyon Creek for dinner. I am totally looking forward to this as I love it there. I am going to have their seared tuna salad with sliced avocado's and sugared pecans. I know I should really not have the pecans but for our anniversary I think it is a must have. Can't wait to just relax and unwind with my hubby. Thanks to my wonderful sister as she offered to take care of the kids while we go out.

Yesterday we celebrated Rose's birthday. Edna and I took Rose to Montana's. We were going to go to The Keg but once we got there found out they only open for dinner. Oh Peanuts.... So we gave Rose the choice to go where she would like and she picked Montana's. Driving there in my car I could not stop laughing as I know what they do to you when it's your birthday. Of course I had my camera in tow. he he he he We got there and ordered our meals. It was yummy. Rose got to order dessert. She picked the apple crumble served in a measuring cup. How cute. Well as soon as it came out the staff came out singing and brought Rose the mousse ears. She wanted to kill me at that point but I just took picture after picture. I know I am a great friend. lol I hope I made it up with my gift. I got her the same walking carpi's I love from Old Navy, a shirt, fruits of passion gift set and a floral arrangement. Edna got her a beautiful purse. Ed is the best at picking purses.

At this point Rose could kill me.

She is super embarrassed here.

Edna, Rose and myself.

Wanted to share with you some arrangements from this weekend. I am still waiting to get pictures from a Baptism on Sunday. I hope they enjoyed their party and arrangements.

I'll try and post some pictures from tonight's dinner.


The Asian Pear said...

hahaha. great moose antlers. :D

Claudia and Luke said...

Love the gerber daisy arrangements...they are my fav

Clare said...

oh the look on Rose's face as she's wearing the moose hat thingy is priceless!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ROSE. (love that purse btw!)