Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Monday

and I only have one little man today. Tristan is off to his first day at camp. He walked right in and made himself at home. I am happy with deciding to go with his dance studio for summer camp as they have crafts, sports, outdoor fun and some dance if you want to take it. So he will get enough exercise. As for the little man I have at home. Well, it's always the same as I have to keep him busy always. We were going to head over to the mall but it was still 2 hours to opening so we decided to head home. Together we spray painted the front door handle, placed more frogs and turtles in the back garden and have come in to let mommy reply to all her e-mails. Yes, last night I got thou all of them. I am delighted because I was feeling a little behind on everything and needed to get up to date.

I am heading over to the mall this afternoon with Ethan so we can purchase a gift for Arjun, my girlfriend Rishita's little boy. I can not believe he is already 7 weeks old. Time flies.

Yesterday's trip to the zoo was great. I am still hurting from all the walking we did but it was great to get out there and actually do 3 out of the four countries. My favorite pavilion was the butterfly pavilion, Ethan loved the monkeys, Tristan the naked mole rats and Steve really did not have a favorite. I guess it was because most of the animals were tired and really not around at all and others where removed from their cages and not there at all. I guess next time we go, which will be a few years we will try and do the whole zoo. I will also have to remember to bring a salad with me as they only served Cesar salad the only one I can not have. lol

After the zoo we headed to Kelsey's for dinner. If they ever went out of business my Tristan would have no where to go. He only eats pasta there and it's the only restaurant he wants to go to. So this is our usual family outing. I had my usual salad with chicken and for dessert which I never have anymore the waiter made a mistake on the order and decided instead of taking it back that we can go ahead and nibble on it. It was my favorite so I thought I will go ahead and have a couple of bites. I grabbed a spoon and placed it into my mouth and sure enough started spitting into my napkin. It was garlic butter......YUCK!!!!!!!!! I thought OMG!! Dr. Poon is sending me a sign. lol The waiter just said he was sorry and that was that. Lesson learned when someone places desserts in front of you walk away. I am still discussed over the whole thing.

I have not uploaded the pictures yet so when I do I'll make sure to share some with you.

I also have decided to start sharing some comments I receive from my beautiful bride's. Here's the one from Sunday's delivery.

"Veronica I can't express into words how much I loved the centerpieces, my flowers and my wrist let it was all beautiful thank you very much and I can't wait for the wedding. Talk to you soon." Carol A.

Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr. Poon. Looking forward to seeing how much I have lost the last two weeks.

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