Friday, July 24, 2009

Picture Sharing Time

Happy Friday everyone! It's the start of another busy weekend for me but wanted to post up some pictures that I promised earlier this week.

Tristan and Ethan at the Toronto Zoo.

Dad walking the wagon with Tristan and little Ethan walking beside him.

The boys with one of the Tiger displays.

Here are the arrangements I made for Carol's shower.

This is a close up of the bouquet her husband to-be purchased for her.

I've been shopping with Ethan today. I never understand how someone can spend so much time at Walmart. Well, today since I had to kill time I think I know everything about every single department there. We spent 2 hours checking out every thing from food to fish. Ran into Carol who use to teach painting classes at Michael's. We use to work together. She is doing great and that made me super happy.

We then headed to McDonald's because today it being Friday Tristan got a lunch treat delivered to camp. He is loving the camp life. I have even signed him up for the following two weeks. So last day of camp for him is August 14th. Steve then has his vacation and we are going to have a blast that week. I can't wait.


Crop for the Cure is running super smoothly. I am thrilled that it is sold out and we have some on the waiting list. I just have to check and see if there are enough tables for more to join in. As soon as I find out I will be able to open up more spots.

Swaps are also almost closed. We have 2 spots open in the cookie exchange and 4 spots open in the 6x6 mini album swap. I can not believe when out with my sister yesterday I even managed to purchase all the paper I need. I have even cut down all the background sheets and have tried to design them. I guess if sitting down tonight to finish my design team stuff I will be able to complete all the pages. Wow, I am really on the ball with things.


I have tons of orders going out all weekend. It's going to be a busy one. I'll certainly have to take pictures and share with you next week.

We have a few visits to do this weekend. We will be heading to Ajax to visit with Ryan, Rishita and baby Arjun. I can't wait to meet this little man.
Here's a picture of the two cute outfits we purchased. One on the left is a swimming suit with top and the one on the right is a onesy (sp?) and shorts.

Then we will be heading to visit my parents at the trailer. My in-laws will be there also so two visits in one down.

In the evening we will be going to visit with Bob and Julie. They have purchase another house and we want to go and congratulate them.
I better get going. If I am able to create anything scrapbooking related then I will post later on. I have to finish designing my floral before I can start playing with paper.

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