Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weight Update

I haven't had time to update you on this weeks Dr. Poon appointment. I met with Dr. Barsome who works with Dr. Poon. She is super hard as she takes no excuses. Well, of course this week I lost 5.5 pounds of fat and half a pound. So she was not impressed. I seam to lose a lot of weight for 2 weeks and then the next 2 weeks following it seams I just lose fat. I am happy with my progress but she sure wasn't. She asked me to review my food journal. She noticed a few things on there that Dr. Poon says I can have but she doesn't want me having it. Thank God I do not see her again. This week I have started looking more closely at what I am eating so that next time August 4th I go in to see him I want to have lost 10 pounds. I know a huge goal in 2 weeks but I have to try and target for that.

I can not believe it is almost midnight. I just finished with a couple about 15 minutes ago. What a sweet and awesome pair. I could have talked to them all night. Off to go and type out their quote.

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