Sunday, August 02, 2009

2Gals August Kit Reveal

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2Gals August Kit Reveal

Here are the projects I have created with this month's kit. I really enjoyed working with this one with all the beautiful patterns. I decided that I was going to work with patterns only this month and very little cardstock. This was the perfect kit to do that with as the patterns are stunning. If you would like to purchase this kit or any others please go to

Altered Gift Bag

Fly Away Butterfly Layout

Close up

All Rolled Up Layout

Close up of paper rolls

Card #1

Card #2

2Gals Gossip Hour Project
I was the designer to host gossip hour this month. I only had a few days to prepare and wanted something that would not take all night so this is what I created. It's a flower pot slider card. The easiest and simplest to make. I'll post directions below pictures.

1st - Take a piece of brown (optional) cardstock and cut it to 9" x 3.5".
2nd - Score at 3.5" and then again at 7". One side will be longer than the next one, that is perfectly fine.
3rd - Fold at 3.5 score. One side will be longer. That is the side you will need to fold forward. You can then scallop this or just leave it plain.
4th - to shape card cut on an angle at half an inch. This will make it look more like a flower pot.
5th - If you would like a embossed look to your flower pot you can go ahead and emboss it now.
6th - Adhere the two sides of the pot on the left and the right. Remember to not adhere the pot closed because then you will not be able to slide the card in. At this point you can also go ahead and run a ribbon thou the front flap and double knot in the front.
7th - Cut a 4.5" x 2.5" from the brown cardstock. This will be the piece we will use to slide into the pot.
8th - Cut a slightly smaller white piece of cardstock and mat the brown one. Adhere both pieces together.
9th - Find or make some or one blossom(s) and adhere to slide card with a brad or just plain adhesive.
10th - Slide your card in and there is your finished card.
Denise a fellow 2Gals designer gave me the idea of giving this card when you give someone flowers or a potted plant. How cute!
I also wanted to let you know that this idea came from Two Peas originally. I thought it was totally cute and needed to explain it a little better since the 2Peas instructions were difficult to follow.
I'll be posting up quite a bit of info the next few days so hope you'll keep coming back to check things out.

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