Monday, August 03, 2009

Our new garden pet

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Yesterday afternoon we had Jaden and Noah over to play in the back yard. The boys were on a hunt for insects. With a net the set off on my garden. I thought for sure the plants were no longer going to be in the ground once they were finished. We played a few games of eye spy and guess what. While the boys were trying very hard to catch a moth I noticed something hoping in the grass and sure enough I set out and got him. A frog. The boys were delighted and checked out everything about him. We put him in a bucket and added some grass, dirt and grasshoppers.
Mr. frog hung out in our kitchen while we headed out to the splash pad on Melville. The boys ran around and had tons of fun just running thou the water.

As a family we decided we were letting Mr. frog go back into our garden. We created the garden and re-designed it so that there would be more green for our local friends. The boys were o.k. with that but needed some time to play around with him.

Mr. Reserved did not want to hold the frog just look at it.

No fear with this man. He picked up that frog and asked me to take a picture.

Once they each got the chance to hold and look at Mr. frog they decided they were now going to hop around the garden like frogs.

Look at my two boys. I love taking these pictures because it's not every moment that I can actually get them to stay still for long enough to get a good picture.

Ethan helping dad out with watering the blackberry bush.

After a long day here is daddy.

What a wonderful day. We enjoyed family time, a swim, playing with friends, and a new frog friend. Could I have asked for a better day...
Here's a picture of my first blooms on my Rose of Sharon.

Today is civic holiday and we have planned nothing. Might be heading to Canada's Wonderland to get these guys out and about.
Have an awesome day!

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