Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Elite Swappers August Reveal

This month we created cards that are not square, rectangle, or circle for the anything but challenge. I wanted everyone to think outside the box and have fun. For colours or themes anything goes.

This I must say was one of the hardest challenges for me. Yes, I know I am the one that issued the challenge but I also wanted this group to be fun for me as it is for everyone else. This is what's been keeping this going for the last 2 years.

I wanted to thank Rose for taking two spots in this one as Renee just lost her father. Our deepest condolences to Renee and her family. Hugs my dear friend.

If you want a closer look just click on the actual picture and it will open up larger and there you can see more detail.

Also some changes Lisa will no longer be with this group. We wish her all the very best. Joining our group is Marg. We welcome her and can't wait to see her beautiful creations.

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