Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Hits Again

Yes twice in the span of 5 days.Tooth number two came out while Tristan was eating a healthily dinner I prepared for the family. He was the last one at the table and I explained to him that he would not leave unless he eat all his salad, string beans and chicken. So it took him about 1 hour to almost complete his meal. At 7:03 he yelled up to let me know that tooth number two decided to stick in his chicken. I ran down with camera in hand and took the moments after pictures. lol I still have to upload them but will make sure to do so later on.

The tooth fairy did take his tooth and left him $5.00. So now this man is heading to Toys R Us after camp with $30.00 total. Pokemon cards is what he says he will be buying.

Ethan has five dollars to spend as my parents wanted him to have a little something to shop with. Maybe mommy will match that too. Poor little man keeps telling me his tooth too is falling out. lol Poor little man still has 4 years to go.

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