Friday, August 07, 2009

It's Pink

I finally got down to it and purchased a netbook. It's small, cute and pink. I now have wireless internet and love it. I am hoping that this makes my life a little easier.

Dr. Poon Update

I had my appointment on Tuesday afternoon and am happy to say that I have lost another 6 pounds for 2 weeks. For a total of 27 pounds. I am currently still on Phase 1 and will try to stick on it for another month. If I do I will lose 3 pounds a week. Let's see if I can. Keeping everything crossed.

I am hoping to have lost 57 pounds by Crop for the Cure. I have a huge surprise planned and hopefully everything falls in it's place and it all comes thou. :)

Have an awesome day!


Liane said...

Dr POON!!! Good for you. I also go to Dr. Poon and it's been tough. But having gone on vacation overseas and not gained a pound, I think I learned to eat the right foods - finally!
Good luck ( and maybe I'll see you there one day)
Stouffville, ON

Veronica said...

@ Liane - I think you had done wonderfully for not gaining anything while away. Good for you. I also feel the same way that I have finally learned how to eat what makes sense for my body.
Thanks for all the well wishes and also wishing you the very best.

Clare said...

wtg on the weight loss Vern! and I'm sure you will love the netbook. I love the portability of my laptop, and mine's pink too!!!