Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fire Fighter Woman

Just 3 days into school and I am already having adventures on my own. Some think I need the kids around to get something going. I know they cause some interesting situations but I can honestly say after together the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It all started by driving Ethan to daycare and Tristan to school. Had to go to my suppliers and noticed I was running late for my lunch get together with Carolyn. Stopped by the bank and then the Portuguese chicken store to pick up our lunch. Arrived home with a few moments to spare. Carolyn was here on time so we sat down to eat and take about out Dr. Poon recipes and just life in general. As Carolyn is talking to me I noticed some black smoke in my neighbour's yard. I thought oh she must be out there smoking. Then all of a sudden the whole planter goes up in flames. I do not say anything to Carolyn I just run past her and am screaming and grabbing my garden hoes. I get it to the end of the fence but am unable to see where I am going to throw the water so Carolyn goes and stands where she can see and tell me where to place it. She was certainly my eyes in this situation. So we think ok we got this under control and the fire seams to be out. Guess again the thing goes up in flames again. We are wanting to call 911 but because we ran out of the house there was no time to pick up the cordless phone or even anyone of the cell phones. I know it sounds crazy but my whole concern was that her twig decore did not catch on fire or else all the fences were coming down and even with the possibility the house(s). So I give Carolyn my hoes and run over to my neighbour beside me and gab the hoes there and start to try and get the fire however this one has less water pressure and it's harder to reach. I then decide to scream my neighbour's husband's name over and over to see if he will hear be and run out of the house and help. After screaming and us both trying to put out this fire I start screaming someone help....anyone please help......and sure enough my neighbour's husband comes out to see what is going on. I can only imagine this poor guy must think with everything I put him thou that I am one nutty lady but after 7 years he should be use to it. Since it seams things like this happen all the time in my life. He then jumps over the fence to the yard in which the fire is. I tossed him his hose and sure enough I ripped it right out of the wall. Yes, so now I am sitting on this side of the fence with a broken hose. I am now trying to hold it together with my hands as I am getting soaked with spraying water (as you can see this all happened so fast there was no time to call 911) as I am still trying to get water to the other side Marlon gets the neighbour hose and starts to put out the fire. Would have been nice if he informed me but sure enough we figured it out and I stopped. In the meantime along came another neighbour and with everyone on board we got everything under control. Marlon saved the day by jumping over and putting out the fire. I feel great because I was able to contain it all while putting on a show for my wonderful lunch guest and I am sure the rest of the neighbourhood. If only someone had a camera. You should have see the lady who owns the houses' face when she came out into her backyard and we all have hose and are running around like crazies. All in all we are lucky it did not spread more than it did and she only lost her planter, a couple of patio chair seat cushions and part of her deck. All in all this is a warning to all to please water your planters, pots and grass this can certainly happen to you.

The lady was very grateful and even gave us both a bottle of wine. This is certainly a day I will not forget. So with all this I am now going to hung up my new fighter woman.

Good Night!


Barbara said...

all that and you didn't get a picture? LOL!
What an experience for you.

Carolyn said...

Always an adventure! Now that we can laugh about it of course. At the time I was freaking out!!!!!

janis said...

wow!!! this is really heroic of you!!! enjoy your wine. ;o)

Alexis Smith said...

Oh vern! It's never a dull moment with you - glad you guys gotta put out!