Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to School (Grade 1)

The day went without a hitch. We got up a little late but were out the door to drop off Ethan at daycare and then Tristan at school. We had to walk a few blocks as there were so many dropping off their kids today. Hopefully tomorrow is not that busy.

I can not believe my big boy is going to school full time. I did miss him and found myself thinking about him a lot. I know he enjoys school so this will be nice for him. He was also totally fine with not being in the same class as his friend Jaden.

Here he is just before leaving the house.

Ethan very happy that his brother is heading to grade 1.
The official flag pole picture. I take one every single year.
Here are some pictures with just two of his friends. The one on the left is Jaden and the one on the right is Christian and he is the birthday boy.

A wonderful day was had by my big boy in grade 1, my little boy at daycare and a day for hubby and I to share. Which included Starbucks coffee, a shopping spree for Steve, lunch at Baton Rouge together and grocery shopping. We will certainly have to get more days like this one together in the near future.
Wishing you all had a wonderful back to school.

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