Monday, September 07, 2009

Sumer is Over


Ever year since my sister and her husband have owned their house they have hostessed a family BBQ for both our family and Jay's family. I look forward to it every year as there is awesome food, great desserts and big time laughs. This year was no surprise my best yet. I guess now that the boys are getting older it is now getting easier.

I made my pumpkin cakes with pumpkin cream cheese filling and drizzled with caramel and topped with pecans. Oh I can not begin to explain how delicious this are. I took a few pictures since I was unable to eat any I wanted to make sure I can look at them whenever I think I might need one.

Thought since my sister always does so much for the BBQ and all I was bringing was the cakes I made her this arrangement to place on the table to enjoy that day and many more to come.

Can you believe it is the eve of back to school. I am feeling mixed emotions as this is the year Tristan will go full time to Grade 1. He is excited and both sad as this is the first year he will not be with his friend Jaden. Edna and I decided to throw the boys a smores party and to have a sleep over. So we decided to have the party here and the sleep over at Jaden's house.
What can I say about a party that involves chocolate, marshmellows and graham crackers but that every one enjoyed them. I did have one and enjoyed it as it has been year's since having one. I know not Dr. Poon approved but you ahve to have fun sometimes.
Here are some pictures of our evening.

Graham, Mashmellows and Hersey's Chocolate. Yum!

The burner. Purchased at Walmart for $10.00.

Edna preparing her smore.

Jaden and Tristan roasting their own marshmallows.

Jaden roasting his marshmallow. Steve helping his with his smores.

Little Ethan got the first one. He really enjoyed it. This is his first smores ever.

Can you tell that Tristan is really enjoying his. lol

Steve attaching the smores. lol
Marlon (Edna's husband) giving us the peace sign. He is enjoying his banana cream pie.

Two little buddies. Ethan and Noah.

Silly faces.
The Boys........What beautiful little faces.
After taking a total of 154 pictures yes I know I am crazy I got only these 12 good ones. I had a wonderful time seeing the boys smile and have fun. Even I enjoyed making the smores and giving them away. We must really do this again another time.
After this wonderful get together the boys were on their way to their sleep over. I was worried but thought that he was in wonderful hands. My friend Edna loves my boys just as much as I lover hers and knew that she would make him feel comfortable. At 12:05 am I got a call from Edna to tell me that he could not fall asleep and that he wanted to come home to his bed. So Steve went to pick him up and brought him house. Thank God it was only next door. It was only his second time at a sleep over and the first one was at my sister's house so I do not think that one counts as it was with his godmother and aunt. We explained to him that it was fine that he came home and that we would try another time. He was happy with that.
He is now in bed and excited about tomorrow. I really hope he gets some sleep.
Baby Registry
I was asked by my sister to go and help her with the baby registry. We decided to head out for breakfast at Cora's and then to Vaughan Mills to get it started. I really enjoyed myself and hope that I was able to help in preparing my sister for her new arrival. I am so excited that it is getting closer.
Good Night for now and I'll make sure to post up pictures of tomorrow.

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