Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm still alive

It's only October 10th and I've had a crazy spin your head around October. I just finished up the arrangements for tomorrow's wedding. I even had the chance to clean the basement in time for the Thanksgiving lunch that I am hosting. I know you are calling me crazy right now but you have every right to since I think that I am a little nuts myself in hosting the lunch and doing a wedding the day before. Did I mention myself along with my girls (Edna and Rose) are also staying for dinner. This customer is a dear friend and she wants us all to be there to enjoy the evening. I am really looking forward to just sitting and relaxing with my girls. They deserve it because they really help me out. This year more than ever. It's looking like next year is the same.

I should go wash my hair and at least attempt to do my nails or else I'll look like the freak at the wedding. They might even kick me out of the Country Club. lol

Have an awesome Saturday!

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