Sunday, October 04, 2009

My poor camera

I am truly devastated right now as I do not know what is wrong with my camera. I took pictures at last weekends wedding and came home placed it in my cupboard. Went to take some pictures of my design team projects and also another recipe I came up with and nothing. All I hear is it clicking but no picture is being taken. I called Canon right away and they've asked me to send it in. They did ask me to try another lens as it might be a problem with the lens and not the camera. I am so sad as we are heading out to the twins (Ava & Anthony) baptism and I have no camera to play with. I also have my sister bring her lens so I can try. I am keeping everything crossed that it is just the lens and not the body because if so I can just borrow a lens from my sister and not have to worry and just send the lens back to Canon.

On another note wait until you see my new do. I've gone to visit my girls at Mane Society in Woodbridge and Tracey gave me an awesome new fresh look. I am really starting to notice the weight loss on myself as I was trying on some fancy stuff from my closet that I did not fit into. I tried on the outfit I wore to Tristan's Baptism and it fit and was still a little big. My sweet husband helped me find something in my own closet that somewhat fit and looks great. My classic little black dress. I guess this is why every designer tells you that every women needs a little black dress and I totally agree.

Crop for the Cure is 2 weeks away and I have almost everything ready. I can not wait to see everyone as the last time I saw them all it was 4 months back. I am working together with Adrian and hopefully I'll have my crop date ready for February. Just need to finalize the dates that he gave me. I have donations pouring in and I am finding it hard to find the time to wrap everything as a couple of nights ago I was downstairs for three hours just wrapping. I am currently going to be uploading all the logo's for all the supporting companies as without them I would not be able to put this on.

Off I go to get my day started.

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