Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Baby Shower

Oh my what can I say about this wonderful event. I enjoyed myself and could not believe the smile on my sister's face the whole afternoon. I am posting pictures of just the items and of no people. Because first I do not want to get my sister's underwear in a knot (she hates her pictures posted anywhere) and secondly because I did not ask anyone at the shower if I could so I decided to leave them all out.

My sister and I are truly blessed to have wonderful people in our lives. I cherish every moment I spent with each and every person who made it a point to be here for her. The wonderful gifts that were so carefully wrapped will make bringing baby Chole home much more easier. I am going to love watch her grow and having everyone help out in the way they each did made me so happy. I know my sister was thrilled with everything because she could not stop smiling. I am so thankful I was able to do this for my sister.

Custom seating cookies.

Guest Gifts (Marble Frames).

Guest gifts and the guessing games.

Table view.

Table close up.

My sister's place setting. Her angel was the Angel of Motherhood.

The centerpieces I created for the event. They included hot pink roses', green granny smith apples, hypericum berries, fir greens and some glittered lime green leaves.

The Candy/Chocolate table. All pink and lime green.
The corsage I created for my beautiful sister.

The cake. I decorated it with fresh flowers and an Angel of Blessed Child. The cake came from Irresistible Cakes. My sister's favorite cake place. I loved the lemon cake. Yes, I had a little taste.
Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating my sister. She is a wonderful person and truly deserves the world.


Claudia and Luke said...

wow...its been forever since I have been to a baby this how they all are now??

Veronica said...

@ Claudia, no this is just the way I do showers. My sister is a wonderful person and I wanted to give her something special and this is my