Thursday, November 19, 2009

J. Schwanke Design Show

Last Tuesday evening I headed out to one of my suppliers to view a Christmas show that designer J. Schwanke was going to show his latest and greatest. It was an awesome show and I truly enjoying meeting this wonderful designer. He is an inspiration and I look forward to one day running into him again.

On Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to take a hands on seminar with J. It was a lot of fun and also let us view a little more in depth what exactly is going on down in the US design style.

Here is a horrible picture of J and I. Someone else took this and the lighting is totally off.

Here are pictures of the 3 designs we made in his hands on class.

Thanks for letting me share. I hope you are enjoying your Thursday afternoon!


J said...

"SWEET PEA"... You are JUST THAT.. it was Great to have you in the Class at Hofland and your Design work was OUTSTANDING...

It was fun to meet you and NEXT Time we need to get to a place where we have better lighting... LOL!

Thanks for the FUN BLOG! XXOO!!


Veronica said...

@ J - can't believe you found this post. Thank God I did not say anything bad. (wink)

I can't wait to do another hands on with you. When you coming back to see us???? I hope sometime soon. I truly enjoyed meeting you. I love your style and you are a wonderful person to boot.