Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Parade Pictures

I know this is really late with everything going on in my life I thought better late then never. We had a wonderful time and could not believe the weather we are getting. It was so nice by the time the float got out that we ended up taking off our coats and were just in t-shirts. Yes, people we still live in Canada and it's November. I have no idea what is up with the weather but I will certainly take this over what we usually get. It might also mean that we are in for some horrible weather coming our way but until then we will enjoy this as much as we could.
Plans changed and I ended up going on the float with Tristan because there was no bus going back to the parade end before it started. Steve and Ethan ended up watching the whole parade and Tristan and I were in the parade. It was fun but we did not get to see Santa. I might just take my boy to see the night parade just so we can see the holly one himself.

Here are some pictures to share.

My beautiful boys.

Ethan with the Dragon.

Here he is again with Oscar.

These boys love to pose for the camera. lol The front of the Rugcutterz float.

Tristan with the love of his life Emma. She was dressed up as Belle.
My Ethan waiting for daddy to return from the car.
The float with the kids on it.
Floats are leaving to hit the street. Steve and Ethan waiting to see the floats by the sideline.
Came home and were able to continue our tradition of baking cookies except this year I had no help from the boys as I was baking for my sister's shower.

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