Sunday, November 08, 2009

Getting Ready for the Santa Parade

There I said it. On November 8th we are going to our annual community Santa parade. It's taking place in Maple today and I am always excited for this day. To see the delight and wonder in my boys eyes is still amazing to me. We are heading out to breakfast then to get Tristan ready for his float. Yes, this year he was asked to partake in his dance studio's float. I hope more children from his hip hop class with take part but if not I am sure Tristan can entertain himself with the love of his life Emma. Emma is a 17 year old who is the studio's daughter. Tristan has loved her ever since the first time he has laid eyes on her. It's really very cute. She is wonderful with him. While Mr. T is entertaining the ladies on the float myself, Steve and Ethan will be watching the parade. I can not wait to hear Ethan's excitement when he sees Santa.

It's been tradition in this house that when the parade is finished we head over to Longos to pick up some baking supplies and make homemade cookies. I will continue that again this year but we will be making cookies for the shower next week. I'll let the boys have some as well but they will help in making something for their cousins shower. They can not wait to have another little cousin. All these babies is wonderful for Steve and I as we get to cuddle them and give them right back. It's a wonderful feeling to have our boys at the ages of 3 and 6.

I better get going as I have a lot to do before heading out. I am finally billing my customers and need to find the time to finish everything shower except for the centerpieces. Hmmmmmm, what will I be doing? I have no clue it will hit me at some point. :)


Fleursbydesign said...

I wish we had a Santa Parade here too. Hope you had fun!

Claudia and Luke said...

I remember those I have to wait for grandchildren

The Asian Pear said...

Hope you had fun. I stayed in and watched it on the television. It looked like a blast. Santa's float was especially great this year. :)