Monday, December 21, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

Lately I have been all over the map. My head is certainly not into Christmas this year. Since my Bermuda post I just wanted to give you all an update on what's going on. The tree went up because my wonderful husband made sure that it did or else I know that would be something that would not happen. Thank you Steve it truly looks beautiful with just my most special ornaments. He knew that I would need them most this year.

First day home from school for Tristan and he and his brother are driving me nuts. All he wants to do is play video games and I tell him that it is more important to just play with other things and enjoy life instead of being stuck to the tv. Tomorrow little Ethan will be going to daycare and Tristan will spend the day with me. I think we might go and watch a movie or something just to use up some time since we have another until January. Oh Lord help me. lol

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Poon. I am looking forward to it because after the trip to Bermy and not being able to stick to it while down there I am glad that I have straightened myself and got right back on it as soon as I steeped foot in Toronto. I did not recall that Bermuda is all about soul food. A reason I love it so much because everything is about great food, family, friends and stunning beaches. I am missing my family.

My aunt is still in the same condition but worse. She is now waiting for her time to go. My heart goes out to her and also to all the rest of the family that is there. It broke my heart to speak with my cousin Nelly. She is hurting right now and I wish that I could help but from afar there is really nothing but praying and thinking about them all. My love goes out to all of you. I think about you every single moment of the day.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my sister. We decided to do a belly cast for her. Little Chloe was causing some trouble in her tummy and the cast ended up being a little off. I think my sister looks beautiful pregnant and can't wait for Chloe's birth. I'll have to post pictures once we finally are able to paint it.

On Friday it was my 33rd birthday. I received a lot of shout outs and was thankful to everyone for remembering. My boys took me to Mandarin (Tristan's choice). My parents came and spent the afternoon with me. We had lunch together. I think this is starting to be a tradition and I just love the fact that my father was able to be with Ethan for a while. Being with the boys takes his mind off things. He really needs this. My children keep him going. He is so excited about Chloe's birth.

On Saturday my sister and Jay took us out for dinner. Let's just say there is a reason why we go not go out with the boys often unless of course it's Kelsey's. Steve and I got the honour of being asked to be Chloe's godparents. I could not be happier. Steve is delighted as he will be godfather to two beautiful little ones this year. Brody his brother's little boy and now Chloe. We are going to have quite the year this upcoming year. I can't wait. My sister and her husband got me my digital frame. I can't wait to set it up. It's going to make me happy every single time I look at it.

Right now outside there is a very light snowfall. The snowflakes are just beautiful. It's interesting how you remember to take some time out to remember to do the little things in life. Before the end of this year I will be writing my will, creating a bucket list and also remembering to tell everyone in my life what they mean to me.

Thank you for reading as I just have had a lot on my mind.


Clare said...

Vern I am so so sorry to hear of this hardship you are going through. I know how it feels to have a tough Christmas like this and my thoughts and prayers will be with you throughout.

Veronica said...

@Clare - Thank you so much for your prayers.