Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cleaning out the closet... (Picture Included)

I am sure we've all had the days were we think is all this working or even worth it. Well, I am here to tell you it does and it is. I decided that since losing now 57.5 pounds (Dr. Poon 34 weeks)that my clothes are just getting bigger and bigger and I am trying everything to hold onto them for what reason. I have no idea but Monday was the day that I spent almost all afternoon in my closet cleaning out all the clothes that no longer fits. I did leave some in there just in case I need to put them back on to see where I'm at because that's how you remember were you started. I cleaned out 50 hangers of almost new clothes (gave them to my sweet friend), 4 bags of clothes that were in good shape but were a little older to the charity boxes and thru out 2 bags of just bras. I am sitting here thinking hmmmmm should I post this picture of myself half naked on my blog for the world to see...........the answer is yes because you can do it too. I still have a long way to go but these are the stops in the middle that we need to reward ourselves.

I put on items from my closet and I thrilled they no longer fit. I go into stores that I was never able to shop at like Old Navy and just buy their now regular sizes. It feels great!

I look at this picture and see I still have to go on with this but also see that there has been a road that I have travelled to get here.
Thanks for looking and keeping me going.


just another stay at home mom said...

unbelievable accomplishment but then again you are one of the most determined and energized persons I know of course you could do it!!..I am struggling with up 10.. down 10..pounds that is....:)

Veronica said...

Thanks Cami. You're a great support. As I was reading I was also wondering what you were talking about until the next Just pulling your leg. Thanks for giving me an afternoon laugh.

just another stay at home mom said...

lol.....well my afternoon brought a smile to my lips too....seeing the beautiful miss chloe....she is so adorable....I was a baby hog....only letting the kids snuggle for a few mintues....I love her....its hard to believe that that life may not have been if not for you and me!...high five girl!! hope you enjoy lunch at the mall today with them.....lets all get together soon...take care

silhouettejewel said...

Yahhhhhh! Good for you! Don't you just love shopping where you couldn't before! Nice to actually enjoy shopping again isn't it.

Claudia and Luke said...

good for you Veronica....what a wonderful feeling.
Heres to you buying lots of new clothes........and in reg sizes too

Veronica said...

@ silhouettejewel and Claudia & Luke - Yes, this totally means more clothes shopping in regular stores. lol