Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a blah day

Today will be February. Wow! Time is flying by. This month we have some exciting things happening we have Brody's Baptism next Sunday, my God-daugther (Tiffany's) birthday, Noah and Jaden's birthdays, my brother Moses' birthday, my girlfriend Amy's birthday and the Diva all day crop. This is just some of the major things we have going on this month. Then there is a PA day tomorrow for Tristan and of course family day on the 15th. I am still trying to figure out what we will do for it but it should be something fun.

It's been a busy weekend so far. Friday Steve had his flex day so once we picked up Tristan from school we all headed out to the bowling ally for a game. We really had fun watching both boys throw the ball and get the pins down. Ethan even came up with a little dance. How cute. These are the times that we should enjoy because when they are older Steve and I will be on our own as they go out bowling with their girls. After bowling the boys got to pick the dinner spot and they picked Jack Astor's. I had the most wonderful salad and believe me when I say I am still thinking about it. It was the Chicken Chophouse Salad - grilled fresh chicken breast, served on a bed of greens, red peppers, cilantro, toasted sesame seeds and cucumbers, drizzled with zesty sesame-soy dressing. Topped with crispy wonton strips, spicy pecans and sun dried-cranberries. I am telling you it was awesome.

On Saturday I was not feeling too well so I layed down for a couple of hours then headed to Georgetown for Steve's cousin's little boy's first birthday. It was nice seeing everyone we haven't in a few years. Justin is the cutest little man.

Today we have my parents coming over for a visit with their grandsons and I am just cleaning out my drawers and some business stuff. Outside it is snowing and I really do not feel like going out.

Wishing you all have a wonderful Sunday.

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