Monday, February 08, 2010

Brody's Baptism Day

Yes, it was our nephew Brody's Baptism. Steve was a Godfather for the very first time ever. He was so proud and I was delighted to see him with Brody.

Brody is a sweetie and has the most beautiful smile. This little man is always smiling at everyone and anyone. It's so cute to see. I wanted to share some pictures of his special day with you all.

This is my favorite picture of him all day. He is looking at Steve making him laugh.

Here is Godfather and Godson.

My in-laws with my sister/brother in-law. ~~~ Our family with Brody.

My sister in-law with Brody. ~~~~~~~~~~~~My sister with Chloe.

The flowers created by yours truly. ~~~~~~~~~Cake designed by Cakes by Sonia.
We had a wonderful time at Brody's Baptism. He was a little cranky but then again I would be too if I had to go thou a long day of just everyone grabbing me and be not getting everything I am use to. God Bless our Brody.