Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Week

It's been a crazy week so far. I know it's only Monday but since last Monday a lot has happened in this house. I managed to go shopping for new couches on Friday. Wednesday they arrived and I still hadn't had the chance to get the old ones out. So hubby and I decided to put them in the garage and offer them up for free to a good home. Thursday purchased a 3 piece ottoman. Saturday we painted the whole living room.

Wow, all this work for one room that is looking totally awesome. I can't wait to upload pictures of the new area. It's updated from the couches that we purchased 8 years ago. Sometimes I look back and think what was I thinking when I picked those couches out but to my defence they were super comfy and looked good in our room until the kids came around.

I will take pictures and post them up sometime this week. It's going to be a crazy one as I had flowers to do today, flowers for Thursday, 40 gourmet baskets for the buildings, prepare for the all day crop on Saturday. I guess I will be super busy but I will make sure to come back and share the pictures with you all.

Have an awesome night!

P.S. For all the Poon friends I have a new recipe that I've had to post for a few weeks now. I promise to post it this week.

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