Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's been a while

since coming on here and just blogging. I have been super busy with updating the first floor. I re-did the living room (new couches, paint...etc.) and also re-upholstered the kitchen chairs. I have been also keeping my poor hubby busy with changing the fixtures in the basement. I now have light down there so I can work on my scrapbooking. Speaking of scrapbooking I am getting super excited because there are only 79 days until Croptopia. We all know how much I enjoy teaching but most importantly spending time with my girls and seeing everyone else. This year with all the weddings I am only teaching one class. I am waiting for some product to arrive and then I will be doing all the designing. I know it sounds like 79 days is a long time but when you think about it they just pass you by before you know it, it's here.

I have booked Tristan's birthday party. Even gone as far as writing out all the invites. They are ready to go out in about 1 months time. He has decided on a Pokemon theme this year. Man does this man know exactly what he wants.

Ethan did another number 2 in the toilet today with his father. I have missed it the second time. I am just excited that there might be a chance that he will be potty trained. One can only hope.

The weather has been wonderful lately. Today was a high of 20 degrees. I was just happy to see the sunshine we have been getting and also being able to go out without a coat has been great. Let's see how long this will last for. Keeping my fingers crossed.

As for Dr. Poon I am still on it. My next appointment is next Tuesday.I am interested to see where I am at. Keeping everything crossed there.

Off I go as I just purchased some new nail polish I want to try out. I have not gone for a manicure yet since the sun has been shining only because there is never a moment to do so. Let's see if my nails look as good when I wake up as when I went to bed with them still wet.... :)

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