Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Ya'll

Hope you are all doing well as for myself it's been insane over here. The floral season has started in full force. I have been replying to e-mails the last 3 hours. I sent out all the e-mail requesting the meal plan. If you haven't received it yet please remember to leave me your e-mail address' or else I can not send it out to you.

Let's see March break was last week and Steve took the week off to spend with me and the kids. He really is a wonderful man. We really needed to get the car thing sorted out and first thing Sunday we went out to the Maple auto area at Jane and Rutherford only to find out that the whole auto mall is closed on Sundays. Well, needless to say we tried again with boys in tow on Monday. Let's say I am surprised Toyota did not give us a free car just to get Ethan out of there. He screamed for almost 2 hours straight. Believe me I had enough and just wanted to go home. Tuesday was a lot better. Why you ask because Ethan was at daycare. We sent out and headed to Thornhill this time. I test drove a few cars and SUV's and nothing really jumped out at me. I think when I actually have to spend a large amount on something I really do not get into it like I use to (before having children) back in the day. We walked into KIA and Steve was asking me if I saw anything I liked. He was looking more at the Sportage (I think that is what it is called) I pointed to one in the next room and asked what is that......he proceeded to walk over and said that is a Rondo. We both walked up and knew that this was the SUV that we were going to purchase. Off for another test drive and 2 hours later we now own a KIA Rondo since Thursday. It all happens so fast but we are really loving the extra room. I have even gone to my suppliers and loaded it up twice in the last few days. The boys think it's awesome because they have so much room.

For this March break we really did not do too much because of all the running around we had to get done but it was a really nice one. The weather was awesome. Ethan still does not want to potty train. Tristan lost another tooth. Steve was really looking forward to going back to work and I was just happy to get back to my routine.

I have a customer album I need to get finished, April cards for Elite Swappers, orders to place, orders to pick up and flowers to create. That's not counting everything else I have to do. Oh well, I better get off this thing and post up my week 42 results for Dr. Poon.

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