Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Special Call from Bermuda

On this very rainy day in Ontario about 10 minutes ago I felt the sun shine from Bermuda with one little phone call. It shocked me to say the least. I received a call from my cousin Michael (Mikey) he is by far one of my closets cousin even though we are miles away from one another. Every time we see or speak to each other it feels like we have never missed a beat. We are the same in so many ways and in others so opposite. Ever since my dear aunt (his mother) passed in December Michael has taken it very hard. He has been trying to get his life back on track and I honestly think that this is a huge step for him to call me out of the blue all on his own. I know he is an adult but to make this move make my heart so happy I can not explain to you how I am feeling right now. I thought I was going to cry but held out until after our call.

These days receiving a call from my family makes me happy but also makes me sad to think that they are so far and we are unable to just make plans for the weekend. None the less I enjoyed our conversation and am happy that things are looking up and he is finally able to see the light. Sometimes we just need to know that there are loved ones out there thinking of us.

If there is someone in your life you haven't spoke to in a while or know that they are going thou a hard time pick up that phone and make a call or just call a friend to say hello.

Have an awesome day everyone!

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