Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Horrible Day

Don't know why but today has been a horrible day. I woke up feeling moody and not well rested. I was going to start my day with a speed walk/run but was just so out of it that I didn't even feel like going. Then we decided to head out and do some things around town. First stop (5 minutes away from my house) we took the boys to get their haircuts. My really cute blinged out flip flops broke while walking back from a Starbucks treat. We had to come back home to change my shoes. Next stop was the water splash pad. The boys ran around while Steve and I sat there making sure the boys were not running and causing trouble. Sure enough I got up to talk to one of the pre-school's teachers (she was taking her little girl to the park) and I stepped in something. A sticky gummy bear a couple of kids let behind. Let me tell you I was not impressed. Just added to my day.

We then headed to the mall were I was able to purchase some Bath & Body Works items, a sports bra and some Chinese food for dinner. Arrived home ate, took a bath and uploaded the new software for my blackberry. Well of course it did not go right because now my calendar is all wrong. I have overlapping of events and it's just a mess. I am just thinking I better get myself to bed and ready for my 6:30 am wake up. Edna and I are starting our weekly speed walking/running twice a week. I am so looking forward to it as I am feeling like I need it to continue to work on my weight loss. Wish me luck tomorrow morning. I hope my day is a better one tomorrow.

Wishing you all a good night!

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