Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

By the looks of it the day is shaping out to be a better one. First I went out with Edna for our 7:00 am walk. It felt great to go out and just walk with no one else around. We enjoyed a nice walk and chat. We thought we were out for an hour and a half but it was only 55 minutes. That's ok because we can increase our walks every week. I can tell you it really just relaxed me. I got in jumped in the shower and am just sitting here blogging, surfing and just finished recording some video's with Ethan.

I know I have mentioned we have been trying to potty train the little man. Well, I can say what I thought was going to be a nightmare ended up turning into an awesome experience. He kept telling me he wasn't going to do it and I just thought I better be a little more tough with this little dude and sure enough the little man is not only in underwear full time but even at night. This feels great knowing I will never buy another diaper/pull up again and I do mean ever. I can finally say I do not have anymore babies in the house. It's sad but I am grateful to be out of this stage.

We have about 23 days before school starts for both boys. OMG!!!! What will I be doing with myself???? I guess I can start with entering all the stuff that is sitting on top of my desk. I think I will focus more time to entering all the paperwork that I fail to get done now. I know I will have more clients that I could meet during the day which will be nice because that will cut down on evening appointments. I can also do all my pick ups in peace. WOW, it will feel weird to not have my little dudes around all day but will be nice to get stuff done while they are at school.

Busy day today as I have to bring Jack (my nephew dog) to the vet. Then just going to chill......yup......I said chill for the rest of the day. We all know how crazy every single day has been for me for the beginning part of the year and this weekend I have taken it (once all arrangements went out) for just my family and myself. I am looking forward to just enjoying some time sitting my butt on the couch and watching some TV. Might even go for a nap this afternoon. Let's see how this day pans out...


Sheila said...

Wow you have done a great job. Good motivation for me. I am hoping to get a referral from my dr. ASAP to go to Dr. Poon. Just a questions, how often do you have to visit the office? Is it a weekly weigh in?

Veronica said...

@ Sheila - Hi, I am happy to read that I am motivation for you as I always type that you all are what is keeping me going. I visit the office bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) but there are some that visit every 3 weeks and 1 month. I find that it keeps me on track when I have my little visit with the doc every 2 weeks.

Good Luck and keep on writing me. I love to hear how everyone is doing.