Monday, September 20, 2010

Meeting Buddy (The Cake Boss)

Where do I start but to say that date night was a huge hit. Steve and I arrived at The Queen Elisabeth Theatre and were taken upstairs to the VIP room. We were served a huge plate of sushi and spring rolls. Which was Yum-O but of course I had to watch what I ate on that plate. I only had a few pieces because I was worried about all that rice. I haven't really had rice in as long as I have been on Dr. Poon.

Here Steve and I are upstairs with our back to the stage which was super cute.

I think you can see the excitement in my face. Buddy is super nice and down to earth. I really like him and am hoping that there is a road trip in the near future. My boys are already looking forward to eating cake when we go.

What a great night! Thanks to my wonderful client. She made this girl one happy one.


Adrienne said...

You look beautiful!

Clare said...

coolio!!! you lucky gal meeting Buddy, he's so funny! sexy mama too, you look fabulous.

Veronica said...

@ Adrienne - Thank you.

@ Clare - He is really cool in person. Thanks for the lovely comments.