Saturday, September 11, 2010

Date Night

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while. I have been extremely busy. It has actually been insane here at the house. Ethan started JK full time and Tristan is now in grade 2. First day of school for Tristan was Tuesday and it started off with him losing his 7th tooth on June 7th at school. He was super excited and I am just delighted that both boys will be entertained with school. They are growing up and this will be the time that I will be able to work more (yes, I know that sounds crazy because if you know me I work a lot) without interruptions. I might even get more time to relax and get things done. Ethan started full time on Friday and I missed him. I am so use to having with me all day. Yes, I even cried and I am sure there will be no shortage of tears this upcoming full time week.

So since things are going to be busy for me until December I decided it's time to date my husband. I know it sounds funny but believe me after having 2 boys, a business and no time for each other you really just need to stop and take some time out for each other before you really do not know who that other person is. I am so excited since one of my customers gave us boxed seats to go and see Buddy The Cake Boss. I think this will be a fun night since we watch a lot of the cooking shows together. Seams like when we do get a chance to watch tv it's Big Brother, TLC or Food Network.

I am taking my camera and am hoping to get a picture or even better yet get to meet Buddy. That would totally be cool.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Saturday night!


Clare said...

Date night is really really important. Before you know it those boys will be teens and won't want to have anything to do with you, believe me I know!

I'm glad you had fun with your hot hubby, lolol!!!

Veronica said...

@ Clare - I know both hubby and I have been really taking some time out together. I think his flex days and the boys being in school full time came in really handy this year. We really needed to re-connect.

Thanks for the reminder. I can always count on you. Hugs